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Because We Care. That's why we are here at Barbee Law Firm — because we care. It's not just a motto, it's the way we practice law. We know that being charged with a crime is a serious and stressful matter. And we understand the devastating impact an arrest can have on a person's livelihood and future, as well as damage to someone's family and loved ones.

That's why we're there for our clients in their time of need. At Barbee Law Firm, you won't have to wonder what's going on with your case. You won't have to wait days on end for your attorney to call you back. We keep our clients informed, and return phone calls promptly.

We also work diligently on your case. Through our rigorous and creative motions practice, the Barbee Law Firm will aggressively and tenaciously defend your rights and protect your freedom. Why? Because We Care.

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Recent Results
State v. N.K.

DUI- Cobb County Attorney Barbee secured a Not Guilty verdict in a jury trial in Cobb County State Court. The jury returned with an acquittal in less than 20 minutes.
Result: Not Guilty

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State vs. NA

Client faced two separate burglary charges
Facing 40 years in prison.
Result: 10 years probation

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